Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In His Name!

Our executive pastor spoke today, and something finally hit home with me. Thanks, Garry.

When you are an executor of someone's will, you are expected to do things according to their wishes. That means it is your responsibility to find out what that person has in their will, and then carry it out to the best of your ability. You will be honoring and obeying their request by doing so.

They gave you that authority over their will. They did so, not because you attained any kind of status, they just chose you...over everyone else they knew. They trust that you will abide by their desires on their their name. (Maybe they just liked you!)

I never related that to the ending of a prayer when someone says "in the name of Jesus...."

Jesus is giving me authority to execute His will. Me! Not because I work at a church, not because I volunteer a lot of hours, but because He loves me, no other reason. I have been given the authority to execute His will.

Wow, all that finally sinks in! (I always said I was a slow learner!)

Now comes the hard I have to be still, ask, and listen to what His will really is. No one said this would be easy! The question is, am I up to the challenge?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Google Tricksters!

Wow, every try to change your email address on Blogger? Geez, it was easier to change it at my bank! Let me back up a bit.

We are moving into the age of fiber here in Fairfield (stepping right into the 21st century - no more RoadRunner here!) and I need to change my email address. In other words, we are moving from Tim Warner' coax cable to Cincinnati Bell's fiber optics. My choice for a new email address was a Gmail email address in hopes that I will not have to change it again.

It is a strange thing changing your email, especially if you have had the same one for 16 years! Yea, when I think about that it makes me shutter. 16 years!! Who does that?

So I come here to Blogger and try to change my email address. And I got the absolute strangest message on my attempt, "You cannot use a gmail address on Blogger" (or something along those line). Ok, let me be sure I understand this, I have Gmail now, and that is part of Google (so far so good). I want to use that Gmail address on my Blogger account - also a part of Google. And I am told that I can't do that. Things that make you go ummmmm.

So what do I do about that? I search Google for the answer!! Obvious, right? Sure enough, there I found my answer. So do ya love Google or hate it?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Ed

Your mama would be so proud of you! I am so glad she had you, she did good! I know she prayed a lot for you, and I am reaping the rewards of those prayers today.

She was a very special lady I wish I could have known her longer. But I bet she is watching over you and then turning to Jesus and thanking him for all He has done in your life.

I love you and could not imagine my life without you. Thanks Betty, and thank you Jesus for giving me the best blessing I could ever imagine.

Happy birthday, honey!

Ok, I Confess...I had App Envy!

A friend I used to work with at VCC stopped in a week or so ago and we got caught up on all our happenings. She was a tech in our IT department, so having cool toys just goes with the (her) territory. Everything was going along great, then she did it to me! She showed me an app that made me drool (pun intended, you'll see why when I explain the app).

I didn't forget about it. And not to be outdone by an iPhone, I set out to find an app to do the same thing for my Droid X. Anything and iPhone can do a Droid can do better, right? And it had to be free (so cheap I am!)

Well, I found it! Allow me to explain what this really cool app does, because I know the suspense is about killing you now. You download this piece of software on your laptop, set it up anywhere and execute it. It launches the webcam, and I can fire up my app on my phone, and see what is going!

Sorry, to me it was just the coolest thing! I don't use my laptop during the day and my girls just NEED to be checked on, right? Oh it was so fun (I know it is the geek coming out in me).

I no longer have app envy. Technology can be so fun! - Thanks Kim!

(P.S. Let that also be a warning if you had planned on breaking in my house....I will see you!!!)