Monday, January 31, 2011


It took over a year, but we are here now. When you are working full time, in school, limited budget resources, and neither one of being considered even close to a 'handyman', these things take time. But it is so worth it, we just love the result. The kitchen and dining room are unrecognizable rooms from their former selves. I only with I had taken 'before' videos to capture the extent of the transformation.

It is amazing what a little paint, new floors, new doors, new lights, new furniture, new stove, taking out a drop celing and rearranging a cabinet can do for a kitchen! Just look at the two videos I have posted, and if you ever saw these rooms before, you will be I still am!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last weekend I traveled and spent 24/4 with family, this weekend I traveled and spent 24/4 with friends that I have known for many years (aka our small group). The differences were phenomenal between the two experiences. This is not to say everyone was this way every moment of the time, and this was just MY take on the situations, others in each party may have their own interruption.

Some of the things I noticed were: family was on edge and snippy; friends were respectful, and accommodating.

Filters that could enter into this equation include: family was too close to each other (we were sharing a huge house), and it was an emotionally charged (we were going to my grandma’s funeral); in the friends scenario each had own space/room (a retreat to without interruption), and there were no kids in the mix.

Another scenario that was proposed is the one about you can’t lose your family, so you are more honest and open about feelings (is that a possible cause behind snippiness? - which isn't even a real word!). I am sure that in both cases if push came to shove, we would be there and fully support each other without hesitation for whatever the situation called for.

While I can’t explain why, I am just observing the differences between MY experiences on these back to back weekends, and it leaves me somewhat puzzled. Is it Christianity in the works, or family ties, or what?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember the Alamo and grandma

Kinda makes you sad to hear about all the bloodshed that happened at the Alamo. Yea, what is left of the whole compound is not much to see, but wow, the stories of the things that went on there. I guess it didn’t help that we had a dreary, part mist and rainy day while we were there. I think that added to the sadness I felt. Maybe some sadness is just because there has not been any time yet to grieve for my grandma too.

Yea, grandma was old (over 100 years old!), and these things are to be expected, and I know she is in a much better place now. It just seems like I haven’t taken the time to properly think about her and be alone with these thoughts.

Last weekend was a whirlwind with driving 13 hours one way to attend her funeral, and coming back and working a couple of days and preparing for this trip with our friends that has been planned for three months. Sometimes life just comes at you!

So even though I have great sadness, there is great joy. I am with some of my dearest friends, and we are doing life together. That is what the bible tells us to do and gosh darn, I’m doing it!! Man, my life is good~~~~ I love these guys!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Grandma is gone

This is how I will remember my grandma, going for a walk with her little dog. At her memorial last Saturday I got really brave and decided I wanted to tell some stories. My three siblngs also decided they wanted to speak and we were all there for each other. This was I had written.

My name is Vicki. I am the oldest grandchild. I am sure if grandma had her way she would tell me that I really should get up here and say something. Grandma was big on ceremony and recognition, and would be proud of the turnout here to honor her today.
I can’t speak for anyone except myself, so here is my side of the story.

Let me start by saying she had a major influence on my life. One thing I remember as a very young child, was going to her house on every Christmas Eve, it was our family tradition. There was always a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and of course, presents. It was the biggest occasion of the year for us.

I remember one time, on the way home one time dad telling us kids not to look in the sky for fear we would see Santa. And everyone knows if you see Santa he won’t visit you. Of course I looked and looked for him. I never did see him and he did visit us that night. So it must be true, right?

Another memory is that one of us four kids always spent the weekend at her house. We rotated turns. One big draw for me was that she would give me coffee in the morning, our parents never would do that. Bobby, Mark and Angie, did she do that for you too? Never mind that is was half coffee and half milk, probably loaded with sugar. I was drinking coffee!

As I got older, about 15 years old or so, I would spend Friday night at her place, sleep with the orange juice cans in my hair, and I would go to work with her Saturday morning. That was my first job, I worked from 8:00am to 1:00pm, and I got a check for $7.50. You can see how impressed I was with my new position in life. She taught me how to use an adding machine, balance the cash register, count the money in nice, neat stacks, fill out the bank deposit slip and then we would take the money to the bank. She was very instrumental in helping me securing my first full time job after graduation from high school. Life was much simpler then. I learned professionalism and work ethics under her tutelage.

As more years passed and she moved to Tennessee our family tradition changed from the big Christmas dinner to the big Thanksgiving dinner. My whole family, and I would drive down to Paris on Thanksgiving day then we would have that big dinner that Friday. The turkey was still there and the homemade pies. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags and where ever there was space. And there wasn’t much space because she had a very tiny two bedroom house. I truly believe those were the happiest days of her life.

When she moved to Emerald Isle that was also a big treat for the family. Heck yea, we could visit the ocean whenever we wanted! I never missed a year coming down to see her, sometimes more than once. There are a lot of memories here also. But I feel you are probably done hearing about my memories of her.

Needless to say, she has had a profound effect on many lives, not just mine. Everyone in this room has been touched by her, or you wouldn’t be here. She is leaving behind so many people who love her. My dad who watched over her until the end, and Terry who faithfully kept in touch calling her every Sunday, even when he couldn’t visit. She has left her best friend, Bernice, who knows what stories she could tell! Will, who truly loved her. Also grandkids, great, great-great, grandkids who all loved her. There were also lots of in-laws, steps, ex’s and friends. The list goes on. Yes, grandma let our family experience five generations with a centurion! Not many families can claim that one!

So I end, yes finally, just saying that she will not be forgotten and her wonderful love and legacy will live on. Thanks for listening.