Sunday, May 15, 2011

Betty, this one's for you...

May 14, 2011
Summa Cum Laude
Cincinnati Christian University

God answered your prayers. Thank you Betty, for never giving up.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Tale of Two Dogs, and God's Lesson

Meet Shelby, great dog, the ultimate in obedience. Tell her to “come” and she does…everytime. She does anything I tell her to do. I can go for a walk with her without a leash, and I feel confident that she would “come” when I called her. I have the utmost confidence in her and can depend on her to do as I say.

Now, meet Gracie, great dog, but the word “come”? Not in her vocabulary…..totally clueless about it. If I had her out without a leash she would just wander away. If I called her, she might look at me, but certainly not obey. I can’t even bribe her to come, cheese, peanut butter, nothing works.

We are about the head out on vacation, and it makes me sad to think that Gracie (since there is no fenced in yard where we stay) will never be off a leash outside of the house.

Picture this we are walking along the ocean. There are these little birds there with little feet that are just too funny to watch. As you get closer to them their feet move quicker and quicker until they just take flight and leave anyone or anything chasing them totally abandoned.

Chasing these little birds is great fun for a dog, especially herder dog. Shelby will stalk them and try to herd them. Then in a flash they are gone, gliding effortlessly over the ocean and landing back on the beach about 100 feet away. It appears that they are taunting her, but she loves it. And she will give chase again and again. By the end of the day, she is totally exhausted but so happy. At times like this, she is living life to the fullest.

Then there is Gracie, she may try to chase once or twice and quickly realize she is on a leash. No such freedom or fun for her. I can’t trust her to come back when I call. You can take that scenario and find the potential consequences. (Not to mention a dog off a leash is technically illegal.)

If she would only understand that if she obeyed, she would be granted more freedom...if she had more freedom she would have much more fun...if she had more fun she could experience so many new wonders that are out there for her. But no, she will do things her way until….well who knows how long.

But I love them both, and would never give up on either of them.

I know is sounds like an oxymoron, but it is true. The same thing can be said for our walk with God. The more we seek His heart and His will and obey, the more free we are to experience all of the wonders that are out there, just waiting for us.