Sunday, May 11, 2014

This is dad now

There are bright colorful flowers on his headstone. MK is still taking care of him. She did such a good job with him for over 25 years of their marriage.

I have been coming to Emerald Isle every year since grandma moved here, which was in the early 90’s. After Ed and I were married (15 years this year), we continued to come down every year, most years it was twice a year. He fell in love with Emerald Isle.

This is the first trip here where I won’t be seeing dad. I am surprised at how emotional this has been for me. We stopped for lunch, after seeing his grave, and just thinking about the fact that I won’t see him this time just kept bringing tears to my eyes. Some dear sweet stranger came to me and spoke words of comfort to me. I thought that was a very brave gesture. I wonder if I would have the nerve to do that to someone I had never seen before.

It is a strange feeling knowing that I will not see dad on this trip. It is a hard to describe feeling. I didn’t know there was such a big hole here now. The ocean is beautiful and we love just being away, especially in a place where that we are very familiar with. I was not aware of how much I looked forward to seeing dad when I came here. It is funny how you just take these things for granted.

One thing I have learned through this whole experience is that hospice knows what they are talking about. I know there are a few exceptions to the rule, but if they ever give me a time frame on a loved one again...I am going to believe them and take advantage of any time I can. Since this is the first real close blood relative death I have experienced, I was believing the positive talk I was hearing, and not the reality talk. Lesson learned there.

This will be a rather strange week for me, but I know that it is all part of God’s plan, and part of my healing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

I’m so angry with you, dad!

This was not the way you supposed to do this dying thing. We were going to talk about it, we were going to make a plan, we were going to go through this together. You ruined it all, who else will understand it with me? Your mom was over 100 years old when she died, and you were only 85, I thought we had more time together.

I thought once it was over, it would be over. There would be nothing else and I would just have my memories. But that is not the case, I still think about it.

It has been said that everyone does the “I wish we had…” when someone dies. It appears that I am no different. I gave you a chance…came right out with the subject…but you said you were ok to keep on fighting the fight.

Maybe I am angry with me because I didn’t pursue the subject, maybe I am angry with me because I didn’t spend more time with you after your stroke, maybe I should have taken a leave from work to be with you more, maybe more time together would have made the conversation happen. Maybe by writing all of this I can finally let go of you, or maybe not.

You are gone, you have been for almost a year…so why do I still cry? You have lived a good life, a long life, a full life, why am I so selfish…because we had more to talk about, that’s why!!

I know this is all heart talking, my mind knows a whole different story. My mind knows that God is good and I will see you again, I actually have seen you a few times since your physical body left this earth. I wonder if that will continue, or if it will fade away.

Either way, you are my one and only earthly dad, I couldn’t have had a better one. You are still in my heart, I love you and always will.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013

This has been one of the busiest years I can recall. Every month brought a new adventure, some good ones, and some very bad ones. Here is a very quick recap so I never forget this year.


The year started with my mom falling and hitting her head on her dining room table legs, and getting a concussion. The hospital let her go, and three days later she blacked out while driving and hit a tree (or a pole, I never did figure out exactly what happened). She was smart enough to willingly give up her keys, but she no longer had a car to drive anyway.


Dad had a stroke. Angie and I drove the 12 hour one-way drive to NC to find out he was worse than we had expected. His entire right side was affected.


Mom moved into a retirement community where there is a flurry of activities going on. God blessed us with a little known grant that is helping pay for her apartment. She is a social person, and felt this was a good move for her.

Meanwhile, I worked hard on cleaning and getting this house on the market.

Bob and I drove to NC again to see dad.


We moved into our ‘forever’ home, while trying to get things ready in our Southview home for sale. God truly blessed us with this new house, and thanks to some wonderful people we work with, this home that we thought was out of our reach came into our reach. Yet another God story.

I drove once again to NC to see dad with Bob and Angie.


Ed and I went to NC to see dad, and rented a house near the beach. It was kind of a good/bad vacation. It appeared dad was not getting better.


On Father’s Day, we are all making the long drive to attend dad’s funeral. The funeral was on my 14th wedding anniversary, but that was another blog or two.


We had a housewarming party in our new home and had many people come and bless our house with us.


The house in Southview finally sold. We had been pouring money into it every month. However the house on Walter is not moving, and we are sinking money into it in the hope of generating some interest.


Mark and Amanda and the kids were able to come and visit us in our new home, and we all had a fun time together.


We spent two days on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ended our trip in Charleston, SC. It was fun to see Mark and his family’s new home, and connect with my nephews and their familes.

On the 30th (exactly two months from closing), the house on Southview had a horrible house fire. Again, God was faithful in so many ways.


Angie, mom and I took a trip to Michigan. Not only did we visit with mom’s brother and his three girls, but we reconnected with another cousin we had not been in contact with for 45-50 years. It was an awesome trip.

Our small group got together and we bought all the things needed for a Thanksgiving dinner and took to the people who were burned out of our house on Southview.

This is the first time in the 14 years we have been married that we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Ed and I were able to spend two whole days together (no work), something that is very rare for us.


We actually put up a tree this year, the first time in about 13 years for us. Of course we had to do it three times before we tied it up to the curtain rod! There are even Christmas lights in our bushes outside! A first for us for sure.

Then mom has to go and have a mild heart attack to end the year.


All in all, God has shown himself to us in so many ways. He is forever good and faithful.