Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 60th to me!

Birthdays are all about attitude. I didn’t realize mine would be so good (pat on back now). I truly see this one as entering the decade of ‘RETIREMENT’…and yea, yay for that!!! Just the thought of that makes me happy.

I do have to say that the ‘celebration’ this time was much more that I have experienced, probably since childhood. It was like a birthday week. I really do not like attention, and my preference is to treat it as just another day. And I am so blessed to have a husband that views birthdays in much the same way. However, this year my husband was replaced by someone who broke all our ‘spoken’ birthday celebration rules. (Who is this guy, and where is my Ed?)

This year was marked with an onslaught of birthday cards, and Facebook wishes, the likes that I have never received before (thank you little seestor), a half dozen balloons, a cookie bouquet, a pot of tulips, bouquet of roses, bouquet of cut flowers, two family sized bags of Twizzlers, an entire pan of homemade Rice Krispy treats, a 760 piece bag of Tootsie Rolls, a t-shirt, feather boa, and tricked out cubeland space. There were energy drinks, Starbucks bucks, my very own homemade pan of brownies (that were all edges and corners), lunch with my team from work, and a super night out with my small group.

Remember the ‘broke the birthday rules’ man I mentioned above? He outdid himself with a gift that was a way too much dollar amount gift certificate to B&H. (If you don’t know what B&H is, that makes me feel more geeky…it is a electronics/photography online store) So I still have birthday gifts coming, once I decide what to buy.

All that to say, that I feel truly blessed and loved by everyone. I am the luckiest woman on the planet, I have the best God, family and friends with me always and forever. Thank you everyone.