Friday, May 11, 2012

Who's place is this anyway?



Did we have a dated house or what? What do you expect from something that is 61 years old? (Hey wait….) Awning, aluminum siding, fake stone, and the white…yuck. We made so many improvements on the inside, including replacing all the windows, this just had to be done.

It was an amazing journey (thank you Estee Lauder). The original siding was a wooden type siding. not sure how many times it had been painted. Then the aluminum, and fake stone, went over that. We had taken a window out on the side of the house, and a removed the original front door….see it just had to be done.

Now it looks 100% better, just a little bare. Oh what to do landscaping and/or porch wise. We are always open to thoughts (hint…hint).