Monday, December 17, 2012

A company worth knowing about: Jeld-Wen

Included in our massive updates on our house was a new front door (see my blog post of January 2011). Jeld-Wen won our hearts with, what we perceived as, the nicest looking entry door, for the money. It had a beveled glass insert, and the matching glass sidelight. We ordered it painted brown, and had it installed. It was, and still is, gorgeous!

Then sadness entered. It seemed like the glass insert was slipping down exposing the original flat white color of the door. We thought we had just missed seeing it and touched it up with a bit of paint. But it continued to slip. I took a few pictures, and contacted Jeld-Wen to see if anything could be done.

This is where the story gets good. They sent a guy (Mark Hammond) out who actually lives north of Dayton, probably a good hour drive to our house. He surveyed the damage, and found the same problem was happening with the sidelight (we didn’t even notice that, as we usually come in through our garage). The company determined that all the glass inserts were to be replaced. They proceeded to do that; sending the same guy, an hour away, to take care of the problem.

While he was replacing the sidelight, he accidentally damaged our newly installed siding on the house (did I mention massive updates to our house?). I was instructed to get it fixed and send them the bill. Once the siding was fixed, I waited and waited for the bill. Meanwhile, Jeld-Wen (Creighton Roethler) contacted me via email and phone calls asking for this bill to reimburse me. He must have contacted me no less than 10 times.

Now, just to recap;  they fixed my door and sidelight  - over a year and half after it was installed! Then they hounded me for a repair bill they insisted on paying!

I do not usually write glowing reviews about a company (usually because not many companies glow), but this one is certainly exceptional! I feel the world needs to know (ah, if only the world read my blog!) that there are still companies out there with integrity, and Jeld-Wen is right up there. Needless to say, I highly recommend them if you are looking to replace a door anytime soon.

Thank you Jeld-Wen for being an awesome company!