Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yep, new car. Yep, all ours! Yep, we get to smell that “new car smell” as much as we want.

Someone could make a fortune making that “new car” scent and putting it on a Christmas tree to hang from your rear view mirror. Maybe it could look like a car instead of a Christmas tree though. But I digress….sorry.

Buying a car is a pretty daunting experience, and we already knew we wanted another Camry! But there is the LE, and a XLE, and a SE, and that isn’t even considering the Camry hybrid!

This is the lucky number 7, yes the 7th Toyota for me! They weren’t all Camry’s though. I had an incredible MR2 (a story in itself), three Celica’s and two other Camry’s. My first Toyota was a 1979. Yea I know, showing my age now.

Back to today’s Camry story. We ruled out the XLE, didn’t need all those bells and whistles and higher price. And didn’t consider the SE, as it is a sports edition and was a bit pricier too. So that left the LE model. This was fine with us after all it is a Camry. We got to thinking about the hybrid (trying to do our part for being ‘green’), and actually drove one. But were not as impressed as all the reviews said we would be.

Then we looked again at the SE. It is so pretty, especially in Barcelona Red! We got it at the price of an LE, so we were sold. It has some pretty neat bells and whistles that I won’t bore you with here.

But here is the best part, I saved it for last!! Working our Dave Ramsey program (everyone should go through this program!) we were able to pay cash for this 2012 Camry!!! I still can’t believe it, even though I know it is true.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Isn’t God good?